Wingman is an independent business valuation firm. With 25 years of extensive experience, Wingman knows better than anyone else what circumstances can affect the value of businesses or shares, and is able to accurately assess their impact. Wingman’s valuations are always balanced and well substantiated.

Wingman offers a wide range of valuation services:

Wingman provides valuations for disputes, such as disagreements between shareholders, marital dissolution, interpretational differences regarding agreements or the quantification of economic damages. Wingman acts as party adviser or independent expert, appointed by the court or otherwise.

Wingman provides valuations for acquisitions and sales, such as mergers, take-overs and management buy-ins or buy-outs. With a fairness opinion, Wingman provides assurance that the agreed price is reasonable to all parties to the transaction.

Wingman provides tax-related valuations for various transactions, including the restructuring of holdings, asset transfers to benefit from tax loss carry-forwards and transfers within family where notification to the tax authorities is required. Wingman also performs valuations for intangible assets. This may be required in connection with in-company transfers to exploit the differences between international tax systems.

Wingman provides valuation services for accounting purposes. For companies where the valuation of intangible assets, such as goodwill, is required to determine fair value, Wingman carries out annual impairment tests and, in some cases, purchase price allocations for previous transactions.

Wingman creates financial calculation models. With these calculation models, Wingman supports entrepreneurs in evaluating strategic plans and financial business cases, providing insight into expected developments in liquidity, earnings and assets.