Valuation for business sales

You’ve made the decision to sell your company. But what is it worth? And is it possible to maximise the pre-sale value of your business? A Wingman business valuation for the company you are looking to sell provides insight into feasible prognoses in the case of continuation (without selling) and cash flows to be generated by the new shareholder, for example by improving profitability through synergy benefits.

No surprises

If you don’t want any surprises when selling your business, an accurate valuation gives you a guideline for determining the asking price, allowing you to get the best price and terms for your company while making a deal that works for both sides.

Knowledge of value is key to a good deal

Wingman Business Valuation is a valuation expert with many years of experience in business sales pricing. We provide insight into value and advise clients without having a vested interest in the transaction. For many companies, our assessments have been the first step to sound deals.