Valuation for tax restructuring

Tax-related translations generally do not involve external parties. In order to substantiate the reasonableness of the value used, an expert valuation made by an independent expert is required.

Wingman provides valuation services for the exchange of shares in the restructuring of holdings due to, for example, mergers, spin-offs or other reorganisations. Or in the event businesses need to be valued due to international relocation. It can also be useful to transfer certain assets in order to benefit from tax loss carry-forwards. Or to transfer intangible assets within the company to take advantage of the differences in international tax systems. Then, too, the value of assets needs to be determined. This also applies to transfers within families where notification to the tax authorities is required.

Working in close cooperation with tax consultants, Wingman sheds light on the financial implications of restructuring programmes, without losing sight of the necessity for financial substantiation. Many companies rely on Wingman to provide this substantiation.