M&A Valuations

Acquisitions, mergers and management buy-ins or buy-outs are highly complex transactions that require reliable valuations for sound decision-making. A proper valuation does not only provide insight into what a business is worth, but also into the value potential buyers or sellers attach to it. Valuations are inherently subjective, which means a company’s value may be different from the seller’s viewpoint and the buyer’s viewpoint. A valuation that gives a clear picture of the value drivers is essential in order to negotiate effectively. In addition, a valuation can point you in the direction of finding the right buyer.

Sound footing

A reliable valuation is also important for accountability reasons and can be used to substantiate and clarify management decisions for other parties in the process, such as commissioners and shareholders.

Money, time and risk

Valuations are based on three variables:

  1. Money: the projected cash flows.
  2. Time: when these cash flows are expected to occur.
  3. Uncertainty/risk: charting the risks and uncertainties associated with these cash flows.

Wingman Business Valuation brings all three of these variables together in a valuation, providing you with a solid foundation for your negotiations.

Partnering with Wingman Business Valuation

Wingman is an independent business valuation firm. Whether it’s providing market-based assessments or estimates of the expected selling price for business sales, purchase decisions or disputes, we know what circumstances can influence the value of your company or shares. Our carefully weighed and substantiated valuations help you to stand firm in your negotiations.