Wingman Business Valuation

Wingman Business Valuation is an independent adviser in the field of business valuation. Wingman appraises the value of businesses and shares, carries out economic damage and intellectual property assessments, compiles fairness opinions, and conducts purchase price allocations and impairment analyses. Wingman’s experienced valuators and litigation experts are called upon as party advisers, arbitrators and independent experts.

Main benefits we bring to our clients:

  • Focus - valuation is our core business, not something we do on the side.
  • Independence - we steer our own, fully independent course and do not rely on transaction results, accountants and financiers.
  • Transparent - we give clients a real insight into the valuation process.
  • Close coordination - one point of contact from start to finish.
  • Expertise - we work with an experienced and knowledgeable team, which ensures our valuations are robust and reliable. 


We serve entrepreneurs, shareholders, directors, financial directors and courts, often in close cooperation with lawyers and accountants.

Amersfoort Amsterdam Breda +31 889 464 626
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